Agate is the only naturally occurring material that is machined by our company and was, in fact, the original material supplied by us when we first started way back in 1946, mostly in the form of Knives and Vees used as the fulcrum in the chemical balances of pre-electronic days. Hence the name Agate Products Ltd.

The material is best known as a semi-precious gemstone with beautiful bands of various colours and shades, however most Agate for use in industry is a fine grey colour. This highly pure and extremely hard crystalline Silicon Oxide is mostly mined in South America and starts life in the form of round geodes some of which are really quite large. The centre of the geode is often hollow with beautiful quartz or amethyst crystals having grown inside.

We currently stock standard sizes of Agate Pestles & Mortars for laboratory use ranging from Ø40mm up to Ø100mm, though sizes up to Ø250mm can be supplied on request. We also supply Agate micronising pots and cylinders and a number of other parts, however these days this material represents a very small part of our current output of precision components in ultra-hard materials.

Material Parameters

Size for size it is fairly inexpensive compared to most of the man-made materials in our range.

It can be ground into many shapes and sizes of finished machined parts.

It is a 99.91% pure Silicon Oxide and only soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

It has a melting point of 1,600⁰ C and unlike ductile materials, does not creep or deform.

Its Cryptocrystalline formation enables it to be polished to a highly optically flat mirror finish.

Its high abrasion resistance makes Agate superior to hard porcelain, sintered corundum, Oxide ceramics, steel etc.

Typical Properties

Max working temp (no load) °C 1500
Knoop Hardness (100g) kg/mm2 250
Compressive Strength N/mm2/°C 1100
Fracture Toughness N/mm2/°C 2000
Density g/cm3 2.4 / 2.7