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Agate Products Ltd (APL) specialises in the precision machining of ultra-hard materials.

Founded in 1946 to develop and supply accurately machined Agate parts for the fulcra of precision chemical balances, APL rapidly acquired a reputation for high quality precision components manufactured from other hard and ultra-hard materials as well as complex glass viewing panels for the expanding mainframe computer industry. After occupying several small premises during its first twenty years, it settled in the old photographic laboratories of Merton Park Studios in Quintin Avenue, Wimbledon.

The 1980’s saw the introduction of many new materials, such as silicon carbide and zirconia, and the scope of the company has continually widened over the years to include virtually all known ultra-hard materials that require diamond wheels and powder to grind and polish them.

In 2001, further expansion of the manufacturing, quality management and administration facilities necessitated a move to our current premises in Roebuck Road, Chessington, Surrey.

APL manufactures and supplies a wide range of components for the electronics, semi-conductor, oil & gas, aerospace, defence, optical and related industries, as well as many others. These components are as diverse as silicon carbide bearings for the oil industry to quartz sensors for aerospace applications. APL embraces the continual developments in high technology materials, operates to ISO 9001:2015 and our facilities include specialised cleanroom and assembly areas.

Our substantial production area contains an all embracing range of dedicated precision machinery such as large capacity surface, cylindrical and centreless grinders as well as a number of CNC machines. Our well-equipped temperature controlled inspection department is fully calibrated in conjunction with UKAS accredited laboratories.

We stock a large quantity of regular sized alumina plates, discs, tubes and rods as well as stock sizes of quartz and silicon carbide in order to cut down on the lead times for manufacturing finished components. Work is also often carried out using customer-supplied material. All materials used are fully traceable and wholly conform to RoHS and REACH requirements.

While many of our highly skilled and experienced staff have been with us for many years, we also offer training support for apprentices and others who are new to the industry. Our technical sales team have wide experience in the manufacture of complex precision parts and look forward to receiving and processing your enquiries.

Agate Products Ltd today is a forward thinking company that prides itself on having enormous expertise, fast turnaround times and manufactures parts to the highest quality enabling it to service its diverse customer base across many industries worldwide.

Why choose Agate

Specialists in precision machining

Founded in 1946, we have over 70 years’ experience in the precision machining of ultra-hard materials making us one of the leaders in our industry. Our customer base is diverse and worldwide.

Vast experience of ultra-hard materials

We predominantly machine and supply parts in alumina, sapphire, silicon carbide and quartz but also a whole range of other materials.  Many of the standard size materials are held in stock allowing us to offer faster lead times.

Multiple machining capabilities

Our substantial production facilities house large capacity surface, cylindrical and centreless grinders as well as a CNC department together with drilling, honing and lapping/polishing machines.  We invariably machine to very complicated designs and tight tolerances.

Prototypes or larger production volumes

We are the company of choice for universities/R&D facilities who require low volume prototypes. However, our manufacturing facility is equally at ease with larger production volumes.

Friendly approachable company

We are happy to share our experience with our customers and advice is freely given to allow our customers to achieve their objectives feasibly and as economically as possible.

ISO accredited

Quality underlies our business. We are ISO accredited and operate within the framework of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. All incoming materials and outgoing products are inspected to the required standard.